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Training & Education 

Free online training program for all of our own Pharmasales brands.
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Pharmasales has developed our own online learning platform for pharmacy and retail assistants.

If you or your staff are looking to refresh or further your knowledge regarding any of our own brands, please click ACCESS COURSE below to begin your training.

Our Training Modules

More of our trusted Pharmasales brands coming soon!


Jelis 7 Oils Bodycare

Our Jelis 7 Oils Body Care guarantees healthy and glowing skin in no time.  In each of our skincare products we have included our 7 skin-loving botanical oils that exclusively promote radiant, beautiful skin.


eLive Therapeutic Skincare

Élive’s unique skincare products are enriched with a range of natural botanical ingredients, each playing a unique part in the range’s highly efficacious formulations and delivery technologies.


DRITAL Perspiration Controlling Powder

DRITAL Perspiration Absorbing Powder was created by a team of experienced Australian Pharmacists, who believe everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin.


UpSpring Postpartum
Recovery & Support

Upspring  has developed a diverse array of postpartum recovery products crafted to assist and accelerate the postpartum healing journey for mothers.

Mighty products for mighty mums.

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